Sunday, June 23, 2013

Quick Update: Busy Day With Lots Of Visitors!

227/365 - Jess working hard on some decorations for the SBS classroom

Today is a busy Sunday!   

We picked up a rental car this morning.  Believe it or not I opted for the Prius again.  I like that little car.  It was a bit of an upgrade charge, but its 4 door, and it will be good on gas.  I also opted for the liability insurance.  (I must be an adult now)  My visa card covers the collision.  (We don't have car insurance right now because we don't own a car.)  

I updated recently that we were car shopping.  We've given up on buying a car.  Nothing reliable is in our price range, so we're going to save up for another year.  I'll write a whole other blog post about how to avoid craigslist scams soon.  

Luckily our new home has a lot more privacy than we had last year so my introverted self can get recharged without feeling the need to get away from where we live and work.  I still owe you guys a video tour of the new place!

Anyway... we're off to grab lunch with Jess' cousin and husband who is town on vacation.  We're going to take them to a tiki bar.  :)  

And then later tonite we pick up our friend Maureen.  Maureen has been our ONLY visitor who has come just to see us, and this is her SECOND time :)  

I've got a week left to meet my goal of reading the New Testament in 2 months.  I'm at 2nd Peter.  I think I'm going to make it :)  I'm way behind on blogging about it though.  

Engage:  What are you up to today?  Let us know in the comments.  

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