Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hey BAKERS, what does a TUESDAY in paradise look like?

Bellows Sunrise

Here's what our Tuesday looked like...
I'm back with another post on what our daily lives look like!  So here's what Tuesday had in store.  

Jess is in the office every morning at 730am.  She works there as the receptionist, answering phones, checking and responding to e-mails.  She also uses any down time she has to do some Bible Study.  This morning she was working on some paragraph titles for Genesis.  

Every Tuesday we have a staff meeting from 830-10:00AM.  It's a time for the whole staff to get together and share any important announcements   Our base leaders were headed out to the airport around soon after the meeting, so this weeks meeting was short.  They are headed to Asia to do pastoral visits for the DTS teams we have over there.  

At the end of the meetings we break off into "service teams."  Service teams are areas of responsibility that we all pick up that don't require full time jobs but need to be done.  

I'm on the Launch service team, which is part of my full time job.  Launch is our Thursday night community meeting.  I serve on that team with two of the other guys here on base.  We use that time to discuss the last weeks service and also to plan the upcoming weeks service and delegate any responsibilities.  My team has it down to a science and we're in a good groove so those meetings usually don't last long either.  

Jess is on the "Kid's Club" service team.  This means every other Thursday she provides child care during the Launch meeting.  They meet briefly to review the past week and discuss the upcoming week.    

After our staff meeting, Jess returned to the office and I met with one of the guys on staff that works in the IT department and also recently got put in charge of Sound/AV.  We established some goals for the week, one being to clean out and inventory what equipment we have and what works when it comes to sound.  

We then set up an in-house facebook group for current staff to use as another way to communicate.  

Then I worked on a graphic for one of the slides that will play before Launch which will advertise kids club.

I then took a phone call which was very helpful and led me to some possibilities on some resources I've been looking for.   I'm looking for short 5 minute video biographies on famous missionaries that we can play at our Launch meeting.  

That brings us to lunch.  I made some mahi mahi and asparagus in our electric skillet.  I'm bad at cooking fish though, it always gets too tough even though I only cook it to 145 degrees.  

After lunch Jess returned to the office again.  And I gave a one hour piano lesson to Christina who is playing piano on our worship team.  

Then I came back to my room/office and edited, and reedited, and reedited, and reedited, and reedited, and reedited YWAM Honolulu's May newsletter and then sent it to 1500+ people.    It's the first time a consistent newsletter has been sent to people in a while so I wanted to make sure there were no errors.  

I then thought I should get a personal update out too, and briefly edited the one I had written up the other night and got that out too.  

Jess came home during that time, and went and worked out with another staff member.  Before she left to work out we snapped today's 365.  

I ate dinner, 2 turkey burgers with tomato and red onion wrapped in lettuce.  

When Jess returned we watched an episode of The Walking Dead, then Jess ate her dinner, she had a salad.  And now I'm writing this blog.  

Its 848pm and Jess is laying on the bed charting Ephesians.  Charting is just a particular method of study that the SBS uses.  That will be a whole other blog post that I'll let Jess write.  

I'm going to read my bible chapters for the day now too.    

So that was our Tuesday! 

Engage:  What did your Tuesday look like?  (It's most likely Wednesday if you're reading this)  So you can tell me either what today or yesterday looked like :)  Let us know in the comments!  

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