Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Quick Update | Back in Honolulu

Anna Swink, Jess and me at the Kalalau Valley.  

Greetings.  Here's a quick update to let you know we're back in Honolulu...
Some of you probably didn't even know we left.  This past weekend we went over to Kauai (another island) and stayed with our friend Anna.  

It was a great trip, I'll try and update you all with some photos and stories soon.  

Right now, we really have to get this new house unpacked and get caught up on things we missed while we were gone.  

Engage:  Have you ever been to Kauai?  Have you vacationed anywhere in Hawaii?  What were some of the highlights of your trip?  


  1. YEP! I love Kauai we had a family reunion there it's one of my favoritesi! Yep I vacation in Hawaii at least every other year :)

  2. we'll see you this year huh? :)

  3. Yes sir!

  4. great! we look forward to it!!!


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