Monday, May 20, 2013

5 Tips To Help You Be More Productive

Here's a few things that are helping me in the journey to being more productive.  

The other day, I was cleaning out ALL of my internet book marks.  Have you noticed how those bookmarks just add up and then it turns into a jumbled mess?  Digital clutter.  I want to use my book marks for articles that I see and want to go back and read and that's it.  So I either deleted the book marks I had that I didn't care about, or stored them in EVERNOTE.  (If you aren't using evernote, you should be!  I store any useful internet articles there so that I can easily go back and search for them later)  

Anyway, in this process of deleting bookmarks, I found a blog post saying that Michael Hyatt switched his RSS feeder over to using FEEDLY.  I decided to give it a try since google reader, which is what I use now is ending in July.  The interface isn't QUITE like google reader... but after a few days of using it, I like it.  

If you want to keep up with blogs, a RSS feeder is the way to go.  It puts all of your blogs in one place so you can see any new content that is posted but don't have to be going to each website.

I'm really trying to get organized and simplify things.  I used to have my "to do" list on a text edit file. And it quickly became a catch all file.  Then I got overwhelmed when I looked at it, not really knowing what was a priority and what wasn't... 

I downloaded the app WUNDERLIST.  My friend Michaela told me about it.  I had messaged her a little while ago thanking her for being an inspiration.  I told her that she seems to really LIVE life and is involved in a ton of stuff.  Seeing her life inspires me to be doing more, producing more, being more creative.  Anyway, when I asked her about some of her keys to productivity she said she uses Wunderlist as a kind of bucket list.  I'm checked it out after getting overwhelmed with my text edit to do list.  I like it.  Having a clean to do list helps me get through the day.  When I finish a task, I can easily pull that app up and see what I have to do next.  It keeps the momentum going.  

I struggle with productivity.  I REALLY want to be more consistently productive.  I feel better when I'm getting things done.  

I typed in "productivity" on Amazon and up popped this book.  Getting Things Done by David Allen.  I did a quick google search of reviews of this book, which is an easy way of getting the cliff notes of the book.  Then you get the main point and don't have to buy it, read it or have one more book sitting on your shelf.  :)  

Anyway, he's set up a pretty good system.  I won't get into that... the one take away I had was breaking down bigger tasks into smaller more manageable tasks.  That's something I need to implement.  

The last thing that's helped me is reimplementing my morning routine.  I've been setting my alarm to start getting up earlier, and for the past couple of days I've been waking up before my alarm.  I don't check my e-mail or facebook until my morning routine is complete.  My morning routine consists of most of things that I say I value but seem to never get done if I don't schedule it.  Making sure they get done first thing helps me be more consistent.  Check out Michael Hyatt's post on "How To Set Yourself Up For A Productive Day."  

Engage:  What are some of your tips and tricks to staying productive?  Let us know in the comments.  


  1. I have a to do list app on my ipod that helps me keep track of what I'd like to do vs what should be done now. I hate paper clutter. I've started saving everything in documents. While I have a decent amount of documents, I HATE little papers everywhere. Also, I've been typing up sermon notes. If they're good, it makes them easy to share with someone, and then I don't have ten notebooks lying around. I just do it if I start to get bored, and it's a really blah process so I normally put some music on to jam to. But I'm so PUMPED about the idea of getting rid of a box full of notebooks.

  2. awesome stuff, yeah… paperless seems to be the way to go. i'd just keep anything really important in hard copy incase the power goes out :)

  3. yeah. i normally remember things once I write them down too :)

  4. do you remember as well if you "type it" ??


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