Friday, May 24, 2013

We MOVED Again! Click HERE to see our NEW Home.

Here are some photos of our new place.

We moved again!  Check out some of the pics of our new place! 
This is the 6th place we've lived on this small campus in the 12 months we've been here.  Rumor has it this should be pretty permanent.  We'll see :)  

So if you watched the video tour of our last place I look out the window of the old room we were in and show you the house across the way.  If you walk around the back of that house that I'm pointing out, you come to a set of stairs that lead you up into the kitchen (photo above.)  

We are sharing this kitchen with another awesome family here on base.  They are married and have one kid.  If you turned 90 degrees right in the photo above you would see a stove and a door that leads into their house.  

I actually hopped into the house and snapped these photos before the housing department got a chance to pick it up, I was suppose to wait, but I wanted to see it!   A big thanks to Erin McFarland and Maria Daughtry for cleaning it up before we moved in!  

So walk down the hallway in the above photo and turn right where that door is... and you come into our living room.  

Here's our living room.  That bed was replaced with a couch.  And the tv was removed.  (We could have kept it but we've never owned a tv, no point in starting now)  If you turn left you come into our bedroom.  

This is our bedroom, the bunk bed was replaced with a full size bed.  I'm going to be getting a desk to put in that nook area.  A real office area!!!  There's a lot more closet space too.  If you turn left in this photo you come into our bathroom.  

I'll do a video tour soon once we get moved in... right now all of our stuff is strewn all over.  Another big thanks to Jared, Gabriella, Erin and Cortney for helping us move!  

We NEED your help!  Are you an awesome interior decorator?  Did seeing these photos spark your creativity?  Do you have some ideas for our space?  Let us know in the comments!  If you'd like to donate to our home furnishing, you can use the paypal button below.  All giving is tax deductible.  We are in need of a futon for our living room so that when we have guests they will have a place to stay.  

We are headed out of town for the long weekend.  I'll post my bible reading post next week sometime.  


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