Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Musings

Realizing that the empty pages are the future but as soon as i write them it becomes history... a 365days portrait from 2008

Here's some thoughts for a Monday... 

Thoughts for a Monday written on Saturday, finished and posted on Sunday night...  

I expected there to be a bit more fanfare for my 200th post on Friday.  I envisioned that cheesy fire work graphic that they give you if you win at solitaire on the computer.  I thought that post would have gotten more hits too.  It only was viewed 44 times which is about my average.  I thought it was a catchy title.  I was a little bit let down.  Oh expectations.  I will write on expectations soon.  

Although, over the past few days, I've had people tell me specifically that they read my blog and enjoy it.  That's nice to hear :)  

I felt strange after posting Friday's post... for a few reasons.  That story actually happened MONTHS ago... so my memory of it is a bit blurry, I had the title in my drafts but I don't think I had anything written.  All of my trips down there kind of blur together.   I THINK I remember talking that same night to one of our students who left our school after month 4 so that means it was at least 3 months ago when that happened.  

So as I was writing it... I couldn't remember if the liquor incident and the marijuana incident were the same night or not, I really think it was, but my timeline could be off, I think the liquor incident happened earlier in the night, but the way I wrote it it looked like it happened after... 

And then Friday after posting it, I was trying to remember if my clothes really did smell like weed or not... I remember smelling my shirt, thinking I would, and thinking it would be a great blog post... but then I think I remember being disappointed that I didn't actually smell like weed.  But I wrote it as a fact that I did... so do I go back and change it now that I'm remembering differently?  I want to have integrity in what I write.  Or do I just leave it as it is because it closes up the story well?  

Engage:  I really want to hear your thoughts.  What do you guys think?  Let us know in the comments.  


  1. Memory is such a funny thing...  I find that even when I journal about something, the way I choose to write it will shape the memory I have of that event forever.  And there's no way to write down the moment as it really was.  I wonder sometimes if we have any memories at all that are actually fully true?

  2. good points, thanks for sharing!

  3. In my history classes we'd talk a lot about memory, Kerry is right it's a really funny thing. The stories people tell change their memory of events and memories change on their own anyway to some degree. I think your post was good and it got me thinking even if I didn't comment, so don't let your Blogger Stats deceive you. Where and how love of Jesus intersects with "sinners" and with drink and drugs is interesting and complicated. Keep up the good ponderings.


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