Friday, November 30, 2012

A Month Of Self Portraits and Jim Got A Place To Live

Day 26 of 365 

As you might know Jess and I started taking a self portrait a day starting on November 1.  We are almost to the end of one month and only 11 more to go!  

You can follow our 365days project here.  

In other news, I took a team down to Waikiki on Tuesday, I feel like its been forever since we've been down there.  I sat and was talking to Tony with one of my students.  Tony told us like 3 jokes while we were there.  He thanked us for coming around.  

Tony mentioned that "Spider" got a house.  I was trying to figure out who spider was.  

Soon after that Jim came walking up, and it clicked. Spider.  Jim had shaven, had a giant smile on his face and was walking with a lady that was pushing his walker for him.  

December 11th will be our last outreach to Waikiki with this school.  It's cool to have a happy ending to the nine months that I've spent a few times a month on the street with Jim.  

You can read about one of my last run ins with Jim here.

I've had a pretty solid day today, but was struggling in the beginning of the week.  Some days are good and some days are not.  I guess that's life.  

3 more weeks and then we're boarding a plane to cold cold cold Ohio.  I need to buy a pair of jeans before we do that.  

Engage:  What's on your mind?  Leave me a comment about anything.  It can be something about this post or something completely random.  A digital high five for a joke that will make me laugh out loud.  


  1. I went back to read the couple blogs about Jim and what a exciting ending to your journey with him.

  2. it is a good ending!

  3. I just had pumpkin cheesecake and am about to do some photo editing.  haha.

  4. that sounds LEGIT. They had pumpkin cheesecake at one of the places we ate thanksgiving but I never ate any because I was so stuffed. What are you using to edit?


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