Sunday, November 4, 2012

Honolulu Color Run | The Happiest 5k In the World

Day 3 of 365  L-R Emily, Jonna, Jess, Celine, Joanna, Atticus, and me, and thats Judah hiding in the stroller.  Sorry I don't know anyone in the background.  

On Saturday Jess ran in the Honolulu Color Run...

Jess heard about the color run and thought it would be a ton of fun so she told some friends about it and Saturday was the day to do it!  Jonna is a staff member with us with the SBS, and Celine is a student of ours from Switzerland.  Joanna is a friend who lives here on the island and Emily is Joanna's neighbor.  Judah and Atticus are Joanna's children.  You can check out a photoshoot we did of their family here.  

The Color Run is a 5k where, throughout the course people throw colored powder at you so when you're done you come out covered in different colors.  This was the first time this race came to Honolulu and there were over 8,000 runners!  
I didn't run, but I still got covered in color too.  I walked to the last color station which was yellow and took some photos.  

At the end of the race they had an area where people gathered and danced to the music playing and every 15 minutes people threw their color packets in the air.  
I got the photo above, and it might be the last photo we get with this camera.  I tried to take a few more photos but my camera just shut down and wouldn't start back up.  Dust and moving parts on point and shoots don't mix.  Now it won't start up and I'm getting a lens error message.  It's headed to the repair shop soon.  I should get the canon d20 because it's water proof, shock proof and dust proof.  

Besides the camera mishap, we had a blast!  

Engage:  What is the dustiest conditions you've been in?  Let us know in the comments.  


  1. Are you talking about your 5dmk2? 

  2. Nope it was my point and shoot. The 5dm2 could have handled the dust. It's weather sealed. The canon s100 however could not. :(

  3. Looks like tons of fun.  Would have been more fun to watch than her last run. lol  I think I'm still thawing out. ;-)

  4. Jess, this looks like so much fun. I love the pics. I wanted to do this run in Pittsburgh this year but I didn't get around to it. I ran in the Muddy Viking though. Fun. Just wanted to say thanks for sending the updates and keeping the blog going. I don't get to look at it often, no internet at home unless I bring home the work computer and MiFi, but I love catching up on all the stuff I missed. Love you guys and will be praying for you. Oh, I never leave messages and am somewhat inept at computer stuff so I don't know if it will have me leave my name so I better let you know this is Autumn Taylor. :)

  5. jess and i read this message together. good job on the muddy viking. we will be in your area in the new year… we should try and connect! we miss and love you guys too!!!

  6. haha, oh grandma. :) this one was fun. i don't remember it being so cold at jess' marathon.


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