Friday, April 20, 2012

Want to see what we ate for dinner last night? [VIDEO]

Here's a quick video showing you what we ate for dinner last night...  

I'm really enjoying living back in community.  The nice thing about living in Hawaii is we eat all of meals together, outdoors on picnic tables.  

The kitchen staff is doing an awesome job of going above and beyond.  Every meal is served with a smile and some sort of creative flare.  Sometimes it's a nicely presented scripture verse but last night  they kicked it up a notch.  :)  The video shows how fun they made serving soft tacos.  It put a smile on everyone's face.  

Thank you YWAM Honolulu kitchen staff for going the extra mile and taking pride in your jobs!  

Engage:  What is the most memorable meal you've had and why?  Tell us in the comments.  


  1. I thought you guys weren't eating in the kitchen anymore? Did you find that it wasn't worth it?

  2. Tasha, this was posted back in mid April. Eating off base has had its pluses and minuses for sure… if we actually cook its usually more nutrient dense… but its also really easy to go out and eat food thats more expensive and probably worse for you. It also has disconnected us from meal times… I've been trying to come and just sit out in the picnic area anyway from time to time.

  3. Yeah, that's why we "supplement" our meals on base. I don't want to compromise our health especially when our kids are so little and these first few years of their life set the foundation for the rest of their lives. Plus I find I'm hungry all the time days I only eat on base because the food isn't whole. I know they try and I see that with what they have. We like eating at the picnic takes, too :)

  4. awesome! I'll see you at the tables this week! We made a pretty awesome vegetable curry two weeks ago in our mini rice cooker and electric skillet :) Lets schedule an evening where we can make that for you!


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