Tuesday, April 24, 2012

26 years ago I came to the United States on a 747

Me at 2 yrs old :) 

On April 23rd 1985 I flew from South Korea to the United States to be with my new family...
I was 5 months old when I arrived in the US.  I wish I could post a photo from my parents picking me up in the airport but I don't have any on my computer.  So the photo of me at 2 years old will have to suffice for now.  

In my family we called this my "Airplane day."  I know another family that calls it their "gotcha day."

I can't think of any better way to celebrate this day by asking you to be involved in the lives of two of my friends who are in the adoption process right now.  

My friends Seth and Jamie Rainwater are adopting a little boy from Haiti!  

Seth, Jamie and Lochard

Seth and Jamie are AMAZING people.  They opened up their home to Jess and I in 2010 during a very transitional time in our lives.

The Rainwaters are some of the hardest working and most giving people that I know.  They were recently awarded the NHJ Recognition award.  

Jamie is an elementary school teacher.  She has her students active and involved in their travels.  When they went to Kenya on a missions trip, she made sure she skyped with her class and made videos and posted them on the internet for her students to see.  

They have converted their backyard into a small farm.  They grow crops each year and donate the crops to local food banks.  

Seth and Jamie also have a photography company.  
You can check out their website here.  -->  Carpe Diem Photo Video.

Seth SURVIVED a plane crash a couple of weeks ago.  
You can watch a video about that here.  -->  Hoosiers Survive Plane Crash

Would you consider how you could help this family?  Maybe you feel led to send them some money to help with the adoption process.  Maybe you feel led to write them an encouraging letter as they wait to have their little boy in their home.  Feel free to even leave them encouraging words in the comments!  Please contact us if you want to know how to give or send them a letter via e-mail or snail mail.  jimjessbaker (at) gmail (dot) com 

Jess and I have decided that from now until Lochard comes home we are donating 20% of everything we make in photography will be going to them to help them with the adoption process!  


  1. In so many ways this post was awesome today for me.  I love you brother. I love your heart for adoption, which you know is very close to home for me.  I love your love of Jesus and how much you have taught me over the years.  

  2. Ohh Jim and Jess...thank you so much for what you are doing..for your heart and love!  We pray that God blesses you a hundred fold back!  :-D


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