Monday, April 16, 2012

Quick personal update | Sorry for no post on Friday

Mark Smith starting lecture at 10:30pm his time, 6:30pm our time.  He started his day at 3:30am his time to  fly to us.  

It is EASY to fall off the blogging wagon.  I apologize for no post on Friday.  Our schedule was PACKED last week.  Here is what we were up to...

Wait, You're in Hawaii?  What are you doing out there?  Find out here.
STUDENTS are here!!!  We have 15 students from 9 nations, and for 11 of them English is their second language.  They are all here to study the Bible for 9 months!  

Mark Smith came and taught through the book of Acts.  He's an archeologist and a historian.  His teaching was brillant. I am always amazed at people that can make history come ALIVE.  Jess and I both remember it being one of my favorite teachings from when we were in our School of Biblical Studies.  It was great to be able to hear it again.  

Understanding the CULTURE the bible was written in makes interpreting the bible a LOT easier.  

He taught on the intertestamental period, the culture of the New Testament, a bit on Luke and then taught through the book of Acts.  

This is where some of the staff ate dinner with Mark Smith on Friday. 

Mark taught for 8 hours on Thursday, covering the first 2 missionary journeys of Paul and then in the evening taught on how we got the New Testament Canon.  Friday we had morning class covering the last missionary journey of Paul and wrapped up Acts.  That afternoon into the evening, some of the staff took Mark to a beach he wanted to visit and we ate dinner there.  Then that night, Mark did a Q/A session for anyone that wanted to come. Saturday morning, Jess and I took him to the airport.  

I MIGHT and most likely will post some of the things that really stood out to me in Mark's teaching in future posts.  

Engage:  What is your favorite time period of History?  Who has been your favorite History or Bible Teacher?  Why?  Tell us in the comments.   


  1. This is me commenting on your blog.  The top picture here looks like you guys are part of some government experiment.  You're in some hidden bunker in the hills collecting data to launch the perfect strike.  The evil professor is checking his watch to make sure every part of the operation is synchronized.  

  2. shhhhh i told you not to tell anyone ;) 

  3. My favorite time period of history would be the mid-twentieth century in America (1940s-1960s). Probably because I erroneously believe that everything was hunky dory back then. Well I know it wasn't, but I really like the dress (1940s), I like the home design (1950s), and the 1960s were just an interesting and tumultuous time in America. My favorite history teacher would have to be my American History professor I had in college. I looked forward to that class every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 

  4. Have you seen Midnight in Paris?  You should watch it, I think you'll love it.  


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