Tuesday, March 2, 2010

03.02.2010 - more about AFRICA!!

Anne our team leader giving Bishop John a laptop that many people from Praise Fellowship helped buy him! He just kept saying "praise God, praise God" over and over again.

Before every meal someone would pour HOT water for us so we could wash our hands. There was only one source of running water on the grounds.

A shot of one of our meals. Rice, mango, french fries and chicken. African chicken is TOUGH.

We were given a tour of the grounds. This is one of the student dorm rooms. The dorm rooms held 10-12 kids.

Oh the joy of digital photography. Dave shows some of the kids a picture he just took of them.

The only source of clean running water. A well that is overused every day.

A student sits alone in a classroom to study. Bishop John's school has some of the highest test scores in the nation.

We went to the NAKUMATT which is similar to a Costco or a Sam's Club. It was about an hour drive to get here but everything was much cheaper in price compared to the local markets.

Brian piles up loaves of bread for a special treat of peanut butter sandwiches for the students. (Pictures coming soon!)

Each student got a bar of soap, a roll of toilet paper, and a bar of laundry soap. We spent around $1,000 USD on food and supplies. I asked Bishop John how long what we bought would last. He looked at me and said it would last about 3-4 days. Food is not cheaper in Africa. And when you feed 300+ people a day it gets expensive FAST.

JIM baker


  1. Keep them coming- I LOVE the picture of the kids looking at the digital camera- so sweet!

  2. Not certain how I arrived here but don't care.
    Just want you to know how much we are enjoying your photos and stories that accompany them. It certainly makes a person take a look at themselves and realize how fortunate we are and stop complaining. God has certainly bestowed so many blessings on all of us and many don't realize it.. We are looking forward to more photos and stories. Thank you for sharing.
    Love, Grandma and Grandpa

  3. @ colleen - thanks so much for the huge blessing that you were to us in getting over there... we need to go on an international trip together sometime

    @ grandma - i'm glad you figured out how to comment again, i'm also glad that me sharing my stories challenges and blesses you

  4. I love your pictures...thank you so much for sharing them with us. I'm glad you are feeling better and that it was not Malaria...did you get your results back?

  5. Jamie - glad you're enjoying the pics... facebook me and i'll tell you what the results had to say


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