Tuesday, February 16, 2010

02.16.10 - from Nairobi to Migori

We woke up on Friday morning and I took a quick walk around the premises to see it in daylight. The warm morning reminded me of Hawaii. This is when I tweeted this video.

The team ate a breakfast of pancakes, with a room full of other missionaries, Jess said it reminded her of a YWAM base.

Brian led us in a quick devotional before we left for the airstrip.

This was our pilot Amanda. I took the picture mainly because I thought it was funny that she was using a Garmin GPS.

Why is Devo looking so smug? Well he just saved all of our lives. As our pilot was speeding down the runway ready to take off she suddenly aborted the take off. She thought the "door ajar" light was malfunctioning. It was not, when we started for take off the back door flung open and Devo closed and latched it.

A view of Nairobi from the air.

When we landed in Migori, which was an airstrip not even on the GPS, we were met by Bishop John Okinda, his wife Pamela, almost 300 elementary and middle school students, the high school students, the teachers college and local pastors and congergants. We had over 500 people waiting for us when we hit the ground.

Many of the kids had never seen a plane before. So the Amanda the pilot allowed Bishop John to choose some kids to sit in the plane.

There was a ton of pushing and shoving as kids wanted to get on the plane.

We were welcomed with various songs and skits by the different groups. Click here to see a short video of this performance. This performance brought me to tears, and made me feel like I was actually in Africa.

JIM baker


  1. awesome photos man. Glad you could have a great experience there.

    PS - Garmin makes airplane avionics packages too...so probably all that instrumentation was made by them, not just the gps :)

  2. I'm enjoying the pictures and videos- looking forward to more!

  3. Jim, First hope you get feeling better. :( Second, we are staying in the Mayfield house our first night in Kenya too...that is so awesome and it was cool to see your pictures to know what it looks like! :D

  4. rainwaters! thats so awesome, what a small world!

    George was our driver, from Mayfield, if you see him, well I highly doubt he'll remember me because he brings in a ton of missionaries every day... but nonetheless George is a real cool guy.

    take your malaria meds k? :)


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