Monday, February 27, 2012

3 Reasons why YOU should start blogging!

You, whoever you are, should start a blog and start blogging.  
If you have a blog that is collecting dust, then its time to resurrect that puppy.
I'm calling you out Mark Krebs (blog last updated October 2010)  

This baby gecko agrees, you NEED to start a blogging.

Its kind of the pot calling the kettle black here, since this blog has had a couple of starts and stops. In 2011 I only posted twice.  But Aaron Reinard has taken the hint, and we're dusting off our blogs and giving it a go.

Im learning that if you set a goal, even if you start and stop, you will have accomplished more than if you would have if you never set out on that goal.  And who knows, maybe this time will be the time it sticks.

3 reasons you should start blogging.

1. It's an easy to read, fun way to remember life and share with others
I really got blessed the other night by simply reading through some of my previous posts.  I was able to look back through this past few years, and see what was going in in my life.  It caused me to be thankful for the things that have happened.

2.  It will help you communicate more clearly 
The very practice of writing regularly will help you to communicate more clearly.  I'm sure that if you get in the habit of writing more often, that you will naturally be able to say what you want to say more clearly and concisely.

3.  Your life and your experiences matter.  Share them!   
Michael Hyatt says not to blog about yourself unless you are a celebrity.  While I totally understand what he is saying, his audience is professional bloggers.  I'm encouraging hobby blogging.  The very reason I started this blog was so that people could get to know us digitally.

Check out Life In A Day to see a 90 minute documentary of how captivating everyones normal every day life is!

Have you ever thought about starting a blog?  What is your biggest hesitation?  Why has your blog started collecting dust?  Let us know in the comments!

jim baker

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