Tuesday, November 9, 2010

11.09.10 - sorry for the neglect

It stinks when this happens to blogs... they go for a while... and have a good go, and then they slowly start to fade and before to long you notice that your last post was weeks, months or even years ago...

I got a nice wake up call from a friend that sent me a message on facebook asking why haven't I updated the blog lately? Well... theres no real good excuse...

This blog sort of turned into a photography blog of sorts... it didn't start out that way but it kind of morphed into that. Now that I'm doing photography full time, I don't care to be blogging about photography on my personal blog.

So... where does that leave us?

I'm not quite sure.

I was looking at my old myspace blog the other day while searching for something to send to someone and didn't know if my life was just more interesting then or if it was more interesting because I took the time to actually write about my daily experiences.

So I think I'm going to lay this blog to rest. I appreciate everyone who has followed, and commented.

I do however think there may be a new blog in the future, maybe starting up in 2011...

Bless you guys
Jim (and Jess too) Baker

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