Monday, October 15, 2012

Do you have vision for what you're doing?

From a photoshoot with Bonnie, Meredith and JJ.  (Kona 2008)

Where there is no vision, the people are unrestrained.  - Proverbs 29:18

Total side note, but it needs to be said... I for real need to start taking more photos and posting them.  All the photos I'm posting are like 4 years old.  Anyway...

I was in a meeting recently that was visionary.  The leader was painting a picture of future things for us.  Another staff member came up to me after and said that he gets so excited when he hears vision.

When we aren't looking towards the future it's hard to figure out why we are doing what we're doing.  How does what I'm doing right now fit into a bigger picture?

I remember sitting talking with Jeremy Bardwell (who was recently robbed at gun point) and he told me how as a leader, it is important to constantly remind people of the vision, because vision leaks.  That's really good advice.

Have you clearly clarified the win?  Does everything that you're doing play a role in getting you there? Or does everything you're doing at least have a defined purpose?

Constantly remind yourself of the desired future you have in mind.  It will keep you on track and keep you hopeful when things get mundane.

Engage:  Are there areas of your life that need to have a clearer vision?  Or is there an area of your life that has crystal clear vision?  Share with us in the comments.  

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