Wednesday, October 24, 2012

If I Had To Be Honest...

Playing with still life photography in 2007.  

I've sat down to write a post quite a few times recently and never posted anything.  If all were right with the world, I'd want to be posting Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  My current track record is a little over once a week :( 

When I sit down to write a blog post, it takes a while.  I'm not sure exactly how long, I'm actually timing it this time to see how long it takes.  (The results are at the bottom of this post.) But I do a first draft, and then revise it multiple times.  Sometimes I have to let it sit for a while and come back to it.   

I'm learning more and more about myself every day.  I thought at my age, having spent as much time with myself as I have that I would know everything about me.  But in this season, I'm learning even more about myself.  Some of the things things, I already know, but I'm seeing how they affect my daily life.  

I value my time.  I heard a quote recently in a church that said "You can always make more money, you can't make more time."  

The reason I'm sharing this, is because sometimes when I sit down to write a post, this question comes to mind: "Is sitting down to write this blog post a waste of time?  Is the 'end result' of this blog post worth the time I'm going to pour into it and never get back?"  

My "blogging friend" Hannahgram wrote this in her latest post.  

"Blogging is terrifying.  you have to work hard to draw an audience while being yourself.  I got lost in the first few months.  I tried to imitate others while attempting to be myself.  It didn't work.  Emulation another person's life isn't the way to live your own life.  You have to be yourself.  Every person has something unique to offer."  

I suppose just like I'm learning more about myself and figuring out even more who I am, this blog is trying to figure out what it is, too.  

When I restarted this blog in February of 2012, I was inspired by Michael Hyatt.  I thought it would be a good idea to use this blog as a "platform" to share lessons I've learned or are learning about ministry and leadership.  The problem is I haven't been intentional about reaching beyond the people I already know, and those people (YOU) might not care to read about leadership.  

The blog stats show that when I write something about leadership I get about half as many views and almost no comments, but when I share something about my life, a story, I get double sometimes triple the amount of hits and comments.  

Engage:  What brings you to this blog?  What are your favorite posts?  What do you think of the leadership posts I write?  Let us know in the comments.

Notes:  About 18 minutes to finish the rough draft.  2 minutes to find and insert a photo.  12 minutes initial edit and formatting.  13 minutes final edit.  2 minute reread before posting.  47 minutes total.


  1. Real heart stuff. Since I don't feel called to lead right now, I'm more attracted to ministry stories where people's lives and hearts are touched.

  2. I come on here to keep up with what is going on with you and Jess. Dan and George and I miss you guys!

  3. Definitely read to hear updates and what's going on in life over there.  Love reading your stories of what God is doing.

  4. dang, we miss you guys too! I'm gonna shoot you and e-mail.

  5. thanks for sharing what you like Lisa! Are you still blogging?

  6. not really. wrote a short song yesterday. first thing i've wrote outside my journal in a WHILE

  7. cool, keep writing!

  8. I just enjoy your stories as well. I get a similar feeling with songwriting.The: this is going to take a while, feeling.

  9. thanks man, how do you continue to persevere in your song writing? you've poured COUNTLESS hours into your music, have you seen it a worthy investment of your time?


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