Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Bruised Arm and A Half Bag Of Apples

Korean lessons in Kona 2008 

I love when random things happen.  I mean, really random things... 

So Jess and I were walking back from the pool on Saturday.  (There is a community pool in walking distance, that's FREE) We saw an elderly asian man on the side of the street with his grocery bags on the ground.  He appeared to be flagging down cars.  I'm not sure about this island, but on the big island, hitch hiking is legal and normal.  Jess and I both commented that if we had a car we would pick him up and went on our way.  

We kept walking and then we heard a voice behind us.  "Excuse me, can you help me?"  The elderly man lifted a shaking arm with groceries.  We took the three bags of groceries from him, one that I dropped in the transfer.  The contents were; some bannans, a bag of apples, bottle of juice and I'm not sure what Jess was carrying.  He shook his arm out as he said "so heavy."  

His english was good but it wasn't great.  He asked us if we were students.  We told him no, we told him we were working with Youth With a Mission, YWAM and were staffing a school of biblical studies.  He said, "Oh you're a missionary."  I said yes, and he asked what church we were a part of...  

I don't much like explaining YWAM to native english speakers, much less people with english as a second language. "We're an international, interdenominational Christian missions organization, with a volunteer staff of over 18,000 in 180 countries."  I skipped that spiel.  

As I continued trying to explain what we were doing, he asked me where I was born.  "Korea" I replied.  He stopped walking.  He started at me.  "You were born in Korea?"  "Yup" I replied, "I was adopted though."  He asked me some more questions, but then held onto the inside of my elbow with his hand, and squeezed/pinched while saying "You're my fellow country man!  I'm from Korea too!"  

We continued walking, while he was still pinching my arm.  At least it wasn't my cheeks, I hated when people did that to me as a kid.  We passed the YWAM base and told him that's where we lived but told him we would walk him all the way to where he was staying.  He told us he was doing a 20 day study program with the University of Hawaii.  

We walked a little while further and got to the entrance of where he was staying.  He brought us into the lobby, and had us sit down. He then opened the bag of apples and put half of them in a bag for us and insisted that we take them.  He gave us a handshake and a hug and told us we had been his strength that day.  He walked us to the door and waved to us goodbye.  

Random  :)  

Engage:  Have you had any random experiences lately?  Share with us in the comments.  


  1. No random experiences but know that anyone fortunate to meet you both receives a blessing.

  2. I've been learning about DEEPLY LOVING people matter what...on a whole new level, more than I've ever known it. And it makes me realize how the smallest things can make a HUGE difference in whether a person feels valued or not. And that makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

  3. thats a good lesson. it is true, that sometimes it just takes doing small things to make people feel valued. thanks for commenting and making us feel valued, not just by commenting but for all of your support and encouragement and prayers! you're awesome lisa!

  4. thank you for your kind words grandma :)


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