Friday, March 2, 2012

2 lessons I learned while driving around in the rain | Part 2

Howard County Police taken in 2007 

Wednesday on my way from hanging out with Mike to my next appointment I was driving and ended up in a right hand turning lane.  There was a car in front of me, and then a bus in front of that car...  

This is Part 2 of this post: Read part 1 here.

The bus was trying to get from the right hand turning lane into the straight lane.  I was far enough back that I could see that this was going to slow things down, so I cut into the shopping plaza on my right and cut through there to make my right turn.  Once I'm there I see two cop cars with their lights on about 10 car lengths ahead of me in the right lane.  I made sure to get over to the left lane while I could.

This reaffirmed to me that: 

Being aware of what is ahead, allows you time to more easily avoid a road block.  The longer you wait, the harder it gets to make necessary changes.  

Consequences:  If I would not have seen the bus and been aware of what it was trying to do, I would have been stuck behind it, and had to wait until all of the traffic going straight passed so that the bus could get into the center lane.  Then I would be free to make my right turn.  

If I would have not seen the police officers stopped in the right lane I would have ended up right behind them and had to wait for all of the cars that were in the left lane to pass before I could get in that lane.  

The longer time you spend getting closer to a road block the harder it is to make a change.  

On a Personal Note: 
If I don't do something about my weight now, its going to be a lot harder to do something about it later.  Keep praying.  

Our Pastor, Jay, recently encouraged us to "fast forward the consequences."  That simple visualization has really impacted me.

Engage:  What potential road block do you see that you need to avoid now rather than later?  Is it a relationship?  Is it a daily habit?  Let us know in the comments. 

jim baker


  1. Is it legal to pass through a shopping plaza or gas station to make a right turn??? hmmmm???

  2. i don't think so…


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