Saturday, December 5, 2009

12.05.09 - xmas traditions

some of our Christmas decorations on our mantle

It looks fine in this picture, but on our mantle it looks kind of sad, because the mantle is so big and the things on it are so small. It looks a lot better now that we super glued Joesph's head back on. I said we should probably go buy green army men to protect Jesus and that would make it better but I'm not sure Jess thought that was a good idea.

our advent calender that my parents made for us

While we were in MD over Thanksgiving my parents gave me our own advent calender. It was one of our family Christmas traditions growing up. To take turns each night reading scripture that told the Christmas story and then putting on one of the small ornaments on the tree.

As we were doing the readings that went along with the calender I heard Jess read this statement and I got really excited. :)

"Of the
increase of His government and peace there will be no end."
taken from Isaiah Chapter 9.
(italics mine)

I also heard Dwayne Roberts from IHOP (international house of PRAYER, not pancakes) preaching the other night and he said how sick he is of hearing how we should be "afraid" of radical Islam. He simply stated that our God is so much bigger. Yes and AMEN.

So how is God choosing to increase His government in the earth right now? Through His ambassadors. Do you know who those are?

You and me.

JIM baker


  1. I feel honored to have been there for the gluing on of Joseph's head.

  2. The advent calender is excellente. It'll be a Baker tradition methinks.

  3. I'm in full support of the army men, for the record!

  4. @ sandi - your comment makes me laugh out loud, we're glad we could share in that experience with YOU

    @ chachi - thanks man, a baker tradition indeed

    @ colleen - i misspoke my wife totally said I could get green army men... we never ended up doing it though (because of me not her) next year... next year


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