Thursday, December 3, 2009

12.03.09 - what's the point?!

part of my photostory assignment for School of Photography
Kailua-Kona Hawaii 2008

Dude... Christmas is in 22 days. Thats crazy.

Anyway, last monday at Higher Calling I encouraged the kids to ask themselves what is the point in every area of their life. And then ask themselves if the way they were living matched up with that purpose. The room got silent when I asked that about church. The kids got real honest too. It was good for them to just think and answer their own questions. Sometimes you simply have to present a question and let them draw their own conclusion.

At the beginning of the meeting we always share testimonies and two people shared how God had healed them in the past week miraculously. During worship I felt that God wanted to heal people that evening as well. So I went forward and I asked if people who had pain in their body to come forward for prayer.

I prayed for one student's back and asked him if he felt anything and he said no. I then reminded him that even Jesus had to pray twice for a blind man. (mark 8:22-26) So we prayed again and I asked him to test his back out and a grin came across his face as he was moving his back in ways that he could not before without pain.

I came up to another student an laid hands on him and asked him what was wrong, lower back he said. I prayed for him and asked him what he felt. He looked at me surprised and said as I prayed he felt heat running through his whole body and felt his back pop like fifteen times and the pain left.

Jess prayed for a girls ankle and felt tendons moving around as she prayed. She asked the girl if she was moving her ankle and the girl was like no, and she tested out her ankle and the pain was gone. The girl that just received that healing then prayed for another girl with a right ankle sprain that had kept her out of dance and that girl was moving around her ankle without pain and tears in her eyes surprised and grateful at what God had done.

It was interesting to me that it was two lower backs and two ankles that got healed that night. That there was almost a theme for what God was doing.

Christianity isn't boring when we're seeing God do supernatural things in our midst.

JIM baker


  1. THATS AMAZING. as i was reading about the supernatural healings i had "God shivers"..such an amazing feeling. GOD IS SO GOOD. wow. i am so thankful that you and jess are now at pf and working with the youth. you are bringing God in a whole new way. not quite sure how to word that. but i love hearing about all the healing and change that God is bringing into the lives of the youth and others also. AWESOME.

    i would like to suggest something. andrew, ben and liz blick went to YWAM with this couple in texas and they were just married a couple of months ago. just last week they were in a terrible four wheeler accident. tanya and will both had bleeding and swelling in the brain. tanya had/has an amazing singing voice and had just released a cd. (they are both leaders of some sort) she now cannot even speak..she rarely says ONE word that makes sense. they say the bleeding has stopped but the swelling is still present. she may be mentally handicapped. they said it would take a MIRACLE for her to not be such. (clearly a miracle is possible) and will has many broken bones in his face. he has been waiting several days for reconstructive surgery. he is lucky to have complete knowledge of whats going on. he has some amnesia but it should be temporary. they are in their 20s and beautiful inside and out. such a love for God and have been living so much through him. i just ask that you pray for them and pray for a miracle. THEY NEED HEALING. A MIRACLE.
    thank you.
    jim and are very appreciated.

  2. hey jackie, thanks for the encouragement and we're praying for tanya and will. keep us posted.

  3. hey man, that's an awesome story. I love that REAL stuff is happening there and the kids are being challenged and really seeing God work


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