Thursday, September 12, 2013

Do You Feel Caught Up? Quick Update

A photo of me teaching on Support Raising in our Staff Conference

Do you feel caught up?  Not like... caught up in a artistic, lyrical sense... but in a practical business sense.  

I feel like these past few weeks I'm trying to catch up...

My to do list keeps getting longer and things keep getting pushed back.  I'm hoping that next week I can get back on track and get caught up.  

One big check mark went on the to-do list.  Today I taught on Support Raising at the YWAM Honolulu Staff Conference.  I haven't taught in a long time, and I really enjoyed it.  

We're transitioning quarters, we're about to get an influx of new students.  The summer quarter was quite small.  But now we're going to be running 3 schools, which is the most I've ever seen run here.  

We have 47 staff this quarter.  And we'll have about 60 students between the 3 schools.

Exciting times, but transitions always throw me off my groove a bit.  Here's to hoping I can get back in my ever elusive routine soon.  

Engage:  Do you feel like you're on top of your to do list or do you always feel like you're trying to get caught up?  How do you manage that?  Let us know in the comments.    

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