Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back From Washington State | YWAM, CPC and The Evangelical Covenant Church

Spencer and Madison's Wedding!  

Aloha everyone, I have returned from Washington state where I had quite the epic journey...

I flew out Thursday afternoon to Washington state.  It reminded me again how far out in the middle of the Pacific Hawaii really is.  A 5 hour flight got me to the mainland.  It was great to see Seattle from the sky at night.  
I got in and my buddy Andrew Loys and his wife Shannon picked me up!  Andrew and I went to high school together.  I haven't seen him since 2008.  He and his wife recently got married, so it was great to meet her!  She also went to high school with us for one year, but neither Andrew and I knew her then.  

Since I got in late, they took me to a bar in Tacoma and I definitely felt like I wasn't in Hawaii anymore.  Middle aged white guys with long hair were playing music at an open mic night.  Someone unscrewed the parmesan cheese shaker lid, so when I went to put it on my surprisingly tasty bar pizza, it dumped all over.  We all had quite the laugh about that.  

They asked me if I had any advice for them as newly weds.  Luckily I had just written some of those thoughts down on a blog post.  So I shared with them those things.  

Me and Shannon and Andrew 

The reason I went out to Washington was to shoot a wedding for some YWAM Honolulu friends.  

Before I left, I put something about going to Gig Harbor to shoot a wedding and my friend Pat from Columbia MD, asked me if I knew a friend of hers named Kirstin (who also grew up in Columbia) that now lives in Gig Harbor.  I didn't know her, but I had met her sisters.  Come to find out, Kirstin's husband was the music director AT the church where the couple was getting married.  Kirstin also remembered Andrew and Shannon from her days at Columbia Presbyterian Church, a church where I know quite a few people, but never attended or was a member. 

It gets "weirder."  The church in Gig Harbor I found out is a Covenant church, which is a small denomination.  Jess grew up in the Covenant, and I was baptized in a Covenant church, and my grandma now attends a covenant church.  Jess and I met and were married at a Covenant camp.  

The senior pastor of Harbor Covenant Church in Gig Harbor WAS the senior pastor of Zion Covenant in Jamestown NY in the 90's.  My grandma recently started attending there, and I have many a friends who attend there, one being Anneli who is now working overseas.

Jess and I both found out about YWAM through someone at the Covenant camp.  

Small small small world.  

Here's a photo of some of the YWAMers at the wedding.  It's fun to travel the world and see how small the world really is.  

YWAM and The Covenant keep colliding and this time CPC decided to join the mix too.  I've been blessed throughly through all of these ministries.  

Engage:  Do you have a story of realizing how small the world is?  Let us know in the comments.  

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  1. Amazing how are lives are all intertwined!


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