Friday, May 21, 2010

05.21.10 - april showers bring may showers here in WNY/WPA

flowers from our wedding in the trunk of my car (photo by Sheena Stropas)

When Jess and I got married last August the very generous Robinson family donated all of the wildflowers that we had as table settings. Bruce told me to come out again in the spring to take some pictures of the daffodils.

Nate Blick and I hang out and do photography on Wednesdays and I intended to make it out to the Robinsons in time to take pictures of the daffodils but they had come and gone already.

I was borrowing Ashley VanHouten's 100 macro 2.8 for this shoot.

We met (I re-met) Bruce's son, Bruce Jr. who remembered me from my nursery days at First Cov in Jamestown. You can check out his photography work here.

Anyway, not a whole lot is new. I got 5 free 8x10's from WHCC that look a ton better than wal mart prints. And I just ordered six 16x24" float wraps of some of the portraits of the Okinda Kids.

In other news... Jess and I are headed to Maryland this Wednesday for a week. We're looking forward to catching up with people that we haven't seen in a while.

JIM baker

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