Sunday, May 2, 2010

05.02.10 - orphans

Maureen Akinyi is 6 and in the nursery. She enjoys singing and her future dream is to pray for people.

Eliavona Aoko is 4. She is in the baby class and enjoys playing and hopes to help people in the future.

Both of these girls were brought to the compound that we were staying in while we in Migori, Kenya. A lady brought them both with death certificates for their parents saying that she could no longer take care of them. John and Pamela Okinda had JUST opened their own personal home for orphans and in a matter of weeks they had 14 orphans living with them.

JIM baker


  1. what a dream! just to pray for people!!!!! incredible! so simple. so good.

  2. haha now that i understand the context of this it makes a lot more sense... haha sorry i confused us both


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