Sunday, May 2, 2010

05.03.10 - more photos of Okinda Kids

Meet Daniel Samson. He is 14 and in grade 7. He enjoys playing keyboard and playing football and wants to be a submariner.

This is Samuel Moseti. He is 12 and in grade 7. He enjoys drama and singing and wants to be a pilot.

This is George Ouma. He's 14 and in grade 7. He likes playing football and singing and wants to be a psychologist.

This is Austine Ndiege. He's 12 and also in grade 7. He enjoys music and wants to be a lawyer.

When I came back to shoot some more of the students there was not enough light in the location I was using before so I went outside and had the students stand against a wall, which is what you see above.

Here's a pic of Jess amongst a crowd of kids organizing them as I shot. All I did was turn around from where I was shooting and snapped this photo.

At one time while I was taking the pictures I smelt sewage and wasn't sure what was going on. Then I looked down and a couple of feet from where I was standing and raw sewage was in a small ravine. Remember that I was already sick while I was taking these photos. Then out of no where my eyes started burning and tears were just streaming out of my eyes and snot out of my nose. It got so bad that I couldn't see and had to run back to my room and wipe my eyes and blow my nose.

Click here to see video of Jess and I in action taking photos of the kids on the last day in Migori.

This is the last post about Okinda Kids. The next and final post about Africa will be about the Safari we went on. And I guess I MIGHT put some pictures from that trip... would you like that?

JIM baker


  1. Looking forward to the safari. Love seeing all the smiling happy faces of the orphans that you are sharing. May God shine down upon them and bring them much happiness.

  2. hey jim! I was looking at some of your pictures from your trip to Africa on flickr and was wondering what you would think about me using some of them as references for some paintings I would like to do?

    -Rachel Lindsay

  3. @ grandma, thanks! you'll see the full batch in a few days

    @ rachel - yeah for sure, i'd love to see your final product when you're done


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