Saturday, April 10, 2010

04.10.10 - Africa (peanut butter time)

Remember when we went to the Nakumatt and bought all of that food? We picked up enough peanut butter and bread for each kid to have a peanut butter sandwich. Many of them had never tasted peanut butter before so we decided to treat them. They really seemed to enjoy it!

This was the only thing that I got out of bed to do on this day, otherwise I was trying to sleep off the sickness.

The next Africa post will be about the main reason I went there.

In the mean time, I got bored of the blog and changed the layout again.

Leave some comments.

JIM baker

p.s New header pic from the engagement shoot by Pranee Loffer.


  1. Sooo happy to see more photos from your trip. Love the little fellow with the peanut butter sandwich and milk. Nice that you could join in for a few minutes and enjoy the moment. Lv, Grandma

  2. thanks for taking the time to come by read and comment! I LOVE comments.

  3. I love how the peanut butter says "easy spread" and it's sooooo the opposite! I love your africa blogs..keep them coming...i pity you now about your's been a week since we've been home and I'm just now able to eat something...

  4. jamie? seth? who writes when you comment? I assume its jamie.

    sad about your sickness do you know what you have?

    loved your africa blogs TOO! You guys did an awesome job with the vlogs i loved em.


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