Thursday, April 8, 2010

04.08.10 - photos from this evening

Didn't touch the white balance on this pic, I've never seen the sky so purple.

Just going for minimal and soft.

It's been so long since I shot last that when I went to look for my camera tonight I totally couldn't find it at first. Nate Blick has some new work up on flickr and I told him on sunday that I haven't been out to shoot forever. He said he just read that if you haven't taken your camera out in two weeks you've got a problem.

So I went out tonite with Sam a student from the youth group that I've been teaching photography to, and solved my problem.

Now that its getting nicer I've got some photography gigs coming up that I'm looking forward to!

Leave me some comments of what you think of the photos.

JIM baker


  1. Nice to see you back shooting again. Nice work as always.
    Still waiting for more on Africa.....
    Love, G & G

  2. Awesome pics. Where is the second picture taken? Is is looking up at Wegman's from McDonald's?

  3. @ grandma - thanks!!! more africa coming soon :)

    @ rick - nope in the tractor store's parking lot... the lights are the car dealership


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