Monday, February 11, 2013

Family Time! Blog Break And My Love Hate Relationship With Social Media


Sorry about the lack of posts so far in February.  We've been busy travelling over 3000 miles so far.  

We're in South Carolina with my parents for a while.  I'm going to take a break from blogging and social media.

Does social media wear anyone else out?  Or is it just me?  I'm not sure if I can really explain it... it's emotional draining, it's a stressor,  it's one more thing to do.  Does that make sense?  Here's an interesting article I read this morning about facebook entitled "Why Facebook Makes You Feel Bad About Yourself."

Have any of you completely disconnected from Facebook?  Its so strange to me that something that didn't exist ten years ago has become such a necessity.   I feel like facebook is pretty important in keeping in touch...

Do any of you take a weekly sabbath from social media?  That is something I'd like to implement.  Maybe making Saturdays a no social media day.  

I got off of instagram.  And I took facebook and twitter off of my ipod touch which keeps me from checking it incessantly .  I have facebook sending things to my e-mail so I don't have to get on as often to communicate with people.  However, the e-mails usually have me ending up on the site anyway.  I've done a pretty good job about not really interacting much with twitter unless its directly to me.  Flickr... I use for photography... and well photography is a whole other love hate relationship :)    

Engage:  How often are you on facebook?  Do you have a love hate relationship with social media?  Let us know in the comments.  


  1. Facebook has been a lifesaver for our adoption, we have linked with other adopting families helping each other out, keeping each other in prayer and updating each other with pictures and such when people go down.  We also use it to promote our photography, it has been the best at connecting with former/current/future clients...and then there is keeping up with long lost buddies like you guys!  :)

  2. I would love to get off facebook.  I have it for my photography business and keeping in touch with folks.  But it is a timesink and snare foremost.

  3. Truly, I actually just enjoy facebook.  Yes, I get frustrated sometimes because some of my connections don't abide by the etiquette of social media usage, but overall, I like being so connected with people who I might have otherwise lost contact with as our lives change and grow.  But... I'm a true extrovert so I can "fill up" my energy tank interacting that way when I'm not surrounded by groups of people.  I can imagine, especially in the lifestyle you guys are living, that an introvert would feel exhausted by one more way to interact with people.

  4. that's awesome, i'm glad that social media has been a good tool for you guys!

  5. good thoughts. thanks

  6. yeah, thanks for helping me articulate it… glad its a recharging place for you… it's definitely not for me :)

  7. Over the past several years, I've given up Facebook numerous times. I think a year is the longest I went without it at any one time. Facebook is the kind of thing you don't want unless you have it - that is what I've realized. For the most part, I think it is primarily a dampener of spiritual acuity: we get lost in the dispersion of a personalized tabloid (see "Newsfeed") and become alienated from actual relationships and the world around us. Consequently, we become alienated from our own self-concept and lose any inner peace that we already had. I find that the constant generation of new yet pointless information makes it impossible to pray when I want to, let alone focus on any particular task without interruption. Generally, Facebook is a tumor on my existence which I intend to remove once again come next Sunday in preparation for Lent. 

  8. i always love your thoughts dan, thanks man!


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