Tuesday, July 17, 2012

In one word: Why Customer Service Matters

Calamari in Jess' seafood pasta.  

Lately, I've realized how important customer service is... 

I just transitioned into a new role here in Hawaii.  Jess and I are filling a void that was left on our staff after a family emergency sent two of our staff back to the mainland.  We are now serving in a pastoral role for our students.  That means we meet with them one on one and check in on how they are doing.  

Meeting one on one translates into taking students off of the YWAM base where they both LIVE and GO TO SCHOOL.  We usually buy them a meal, which every student is excited about.  :) 

Since we only go to places that are in walking distance that limits our choices, so I am often frequenting the same restaurants.  

If I had to sum up why customer service matters in one word it would be this: VALUE 

I know instantly if I'm valued by the person behind the counter or not.  One lady greets me when I walk in with a smile and the other day asked me if I wanted "my regular?"  She took the time to recognize me, and realize that I often order the same thing.  It makes me want to come back.  

Another lady at a different restaurant never smiles, never acknowledges that I'm back again, and has to ask me my order every time.  It makes me not want to ever go back there again.  

If wanting to return to an establishment is based on how valued a person feels.... How is your business, ministry, or life showing good costumer service?  How are you valuing people?  

Engage:  Do you have an amazing or super horrible customer service story?  Share with us in the comments.  


  1. It's interesting how just acting like you care about someone (and possibly their problem) in customer service can make all the difference. A smile, a good attitude, and showing empathy to a situation even if its something you can do absolutely nothing about, can do so much for the person on the opposite side of the counter. Although, I must say, the reason its easy(kinda) for me to act like the person is valued is because I actually believe that they have value. :)

  2. thanks for valuing people!


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