Monday, July 9, 2012

Burger King Salvation

2008 Trip to Waikiki with my friend Chris

Here’s a pretty epic story from another Tuesday night in Waikiki...

A Sports themed Discipleship Training School (DTS) outreach team from Kona just joined us here in Honolulu. They are here for 3 weeks before they head out to London to do evangelism at the Olympic games.  The 5 of them came out with us this past Tuesday on our weekly homeless outreach in Waikiki.  

After I had walked around and talked to some people, I headed back to the pavilion where we give out pizza.  There was a guy sleeping at one of the tables.  When he woke up he saw me.  I had spoken to him before.  His name is Coby.  He’s a younger guy, probably mid twenties, I had prayed for him a few weeks ago to find a job, or he’d be out on the streets again, it looks like my prayer was not answered.  

He was excited to see me as he woke up because he knew seeing me meant there would be food.  Pizza?! He said as he looked up.  I told him that it was all gone and that he had slept through it.  He looked dejected, I told him I’d buy him something to eat and asked him what he wanted.  He told me mcdonalds and asked me to grab him a burger and a chicken sandwich.  I walked to burger king and picked him up some Waikiki priced “value” sandwiches and some chicken nuggets.  There is no such thing as a dollar menu in Waikiki.  

I brought them back and handed them to him.  He thanked me and said that we were the nicest most genuine people that he knew, because we always came down here and brought him food.  

I started talking with someone else but Steve one of the DTS students was sitting next to Coby.  I saw that he had begun to pray with him.  As we were getting ready to leave and the pavillion emptied out, one of the leaders named Lou had sat down with Coby.  

When we debriefed near the van I heard that Coby had just started crying after we had given him food and Steve got to pray for him.  Lou felt led to pray with him when we were getting ready to go and got to lead Coby to the Lord!  Lou told us that Coby, after praying to accept Jesus Christ as his personal savior, threw out the bottle of alcohol that he had on him and said that he didn’t want it anymore!  

I struggle some Tuesdays going down to Waikiki.  Wondering why we are doing what we are doing and if it has any impact.  But consistency and generosity brought someone into the Kingdom of God.  

It’s His Kindness that leads us to repentance.  Romans 2:4 

Even though Waikiki burger kings value prices are ridiculous its the best $7.92 I’ve spent in a while.  

Engage:  Where have you seen the most consistent generosity? Let us know in the comments!  


  1. Jim and Jess, that is soooo awesome!!!!  God is soo GOOD!  How are people following up with this guy? 

  2. The good thing about partnering with a ministry that is already on the ground there is that there is consistency. We work with a pastor that does Tuesday nights and also has a Sunday church service right there in Waikiki in one of the parks. :) so follow up will be done tmrw when we are there and the pastor is really good about being generous and consistent!!

  3. awesome!!!!!!!! :0)


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