Friday, October 22, 2010

10.22.10 - CRITIQUE NEXT WEEK with YOU!

Hey everyone, we've been asked by a couple of people to open up the critique so we ARE.

The topic is FALL.

You need to send us a HIGHEST RESOLUTION jpeg you can, (so set your camera setting to the highest resolution you can) and make sure that the photo is cropped in a 4x6 crop, so we can blow it up to an 8x12" print.

It HAS to be a photo that you took after reading this post. So no awesome pics that you took from last year. It has to have been a shot intentionally taken for this competition.

Submit your photo to on Tuesday October 26th by 11:59pm.

The carpe diem team will pick the top 4 and then we will post them just like we always do on thursdays and open it up to everyone else. If you win we will send you an 8x12 of the print and also a winner that voted for your pic!

We're SO LOOKING FORWARD to seeing your work!

JIM baker

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