Thursday, October 14, 2010

10.14.10 - lit pic critique

Is thursday becoming your favorite day of the week? This week's theme was LITERATURE.

Vote telling us which pic you like the best by LETTER and tell us WHY!

Only votes on the blog comment section are official and you can only vote for 1 pic.
Voting will end at 10am on Saturday Oct 16th.

All of the votes for the winning picture will be automatically entered in a random drawing and the winner picked will get an 8x12" print of the winning picture!

The winning pic and print give away winner will be announced Saturday the 16th on the blog.

Click on the word "comments" on the bottom of this post, and then click on name/url if you don't have a google account, and type in your FIRST and LAST name for us so we know who you are.

ANONYMOUS POSTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED and only comments on the blog count!

go vote and tell your friends to vote too!!!
JIM baker

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  1. tough choice between A and C. But I think I'm gonna have to go with C. I love the nature and the camp fire in the background.

  2. D - like the grainy old look. Words are great, too. Question: Is the Word of God "literature"? Don't know. I guess it could be, but we are cheated if we leave it at that level and not take it as the pouring out of God's heart to us.

  3. My vote was D. Sorry for the confusion!

  4. D. it has a rustic feel to it. draws you in and almost forces you to read the words. Question: is that barn thing in the back of B really a library?!?

  5. I choose C. It makes me think about snuggling up with a good book next to a warm fire in the winter.

  6. B- it's hard for me to see the Bible as "literature"... I guess it is technically, but not what came to mind. So that knocks off C & D. A is nice, but I felt like I was more drawn to the TV screen and trying to make out the person and the book was an afterthought. B, however, moved me - a reminder to how forgotten the library is.

  7. I love all the pics, but I am going to vote for photo D. I love the antique feel. It is a neat portrayal of the scriptures.

  8. that's tough. d would look best in print but i think c looks the coolest......

    d, final answer.


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