Sunday, August 1, 2010

08.02.10 - MONDAY! [new layout]

Monday! New week, new month, new LAYOUT. I like August because I get to park on the side of the street nearest to my house haha. Anyway, I feel super behind on blogging, things have been busy but thats a good thing.

I shot and edited my first video this past week with the 5dm2, I enjoyed it and learned a lot too. There's going to be some more video projects coming up soon.

I'm processing print orders for people and I feel like I've been shooting a lot more for people than usual. I'm shooting a wedding in Maryland at the end of this month and I'm starting talks with a designer so I can get some advertising stuff up and running.

Ordered two float wraps for our house. We're still in the process of making our house feel like a home.

Here's the two that we ordered.

obviously won't have the watermark... but this one will be 15x30" on metalic paper and will be hung in our "dining room"

and this one will be 16x24" also on metallic paper and will go in our kitchen.

JIM baker


  1. Nice work as usual! I dig the main street shot! That'll make a cool print!

  2. sounds excellent, and great choices for hanging on the wall!


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