Monday, March 15, 2010

03.15.10 - who sucks at blogging? I DO!

Old Ellicott City, MD - 2007
30 sec exposure 10mm 20d

I think I might get this blown up and put it on one of my bare walls... I miss just going out and shooting for fun. I think there is a fun shoot in the works coming up this week.

Anyway I put this picture up because I feel like it depicts my past week well.

Tim Lease and Jon Lawson and me (taking the pic) at McMobile in the middle of the night

Tim Lease drove in from Maryland through the night saturday the 6th for Jon Lawson's wedding. We took Jon for the usual pre wedding tradition of a mani pedi... check out the video here.

KT worships - photo by Rick Rohlin

Okay so last week...a group of Warren PA youth pastors went up to the Warren County Christian School for spiritual emphasis week. We got served breakfast every morning, led worship and spoke to the high school group.

Our theme for the week was 1 Corinthians 9:24-27

When it was my day to preach I preached on vs 26a
"Therefore I do not run..."

I even backed it up with another scripture

1 John 2:6
"Whoever claims to be in him must WALK as Jesus did"

Haha... then I taught them about the importance of CONTEXT. And I wrapped up the teaching talking about the aim of living a Christian life is based in obedience, which is based in trust, which is based in the character of God. Because God is LOVE and loves us, anything He asks us to do or not to do is in our best interest. Living obediently to God takes us on adventures.

photo of Mark Krebs' fruit medley waffle we get in Tennessee sd870

Monday night our youth ministry Higher Calling meets. I shared my testimony from high school with them. And challenged them with something that I've been realizing. The gifts of spirit are free because they are gifts. But the fruits of the spirit require cultivation. You can walk in anointing and power without character and it will lead you to failure.

Saturday night we took a group of the youth to go see To Save a Life. It was a really well done movie. Lets all admit it sometimes Christian media can be CHEESY! But it dealt with real life issues that teens face in high school. It didn't spark any great conversation when we tried to debrief but I think kids are still thinking about it.

Pray for our youth that we'd be able to have open and honest conversations.

I'll post another Africa blog this week. Seth and Jamie Rainwater are headed out to Kenya on Saturday!

These blog posts would be SHORTER if I wrote them more often...

JIM baker


  1. Dude I'm worse at blogging... I only get facebook and my deviant art updated and even those I forget to put some of the important stuff.

    You rock Jim!


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