Friday, October 4, 2013

Rock Slings! David and Goliath Style

Photo taken from sellers website

So one of the School Of Biblical Studies speakers that comes and  teaches on Joshua is named Col. Hansen.  And he always brings artifacts with him.  And one of the things he brings is a rock sling...
Last year when I was staffing the SBS one of the students and I made one out of twine and an old pair of jeans.  We gathered up the other students and went to a beach where there were some rocks and tried our best to sling them into the ocean.  

This year I after a quick google search I decided to order one.  I found this guys etsy store.  And placed an order.  They are made of 550 paracord and are really well made.  Much better than twine and denim!  

The maker of these gave me a tip too, practice using giant marshmallows.  That is a great way to start so you're not dropping rocks on your head.  It's actually really good we used marshmallows because Jason pegged Jesse right between the eyes with one!  It would have been a kill shot if it was with a rock.  

The SBS guys and I went and picked up 100lbs of river rock from the store and went out to a beach and slung rocks into the ocean.  

It takes a lot of practice.  And the medium river rocks we bought were almost too light.  I'd suggest buying at least medium size sling so you can fit bigger rocks in there.  

Traditional ammo for the rock sling was lead which is a lot heavier than a rock.  

Anyway here are some photos from the trip!  

Engage:  Have you ever used a sling?  What ancient weapon would you choose?  Let us know in the comments!  

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