Thursday, March 28, 2013

March 2013 General Update - BIG NEWS!

Chattanooga Tennessee, Ringling Brothers Circus with Tiffany Henley.  

We have returned to Boardman, Ohio after our 3 month, 6000+ mile, mainland road trip...

We had a blast visiting friends, family and supporters.  

A HUGE thank you to everyone that took the time to meet with us,  who housed us, fed us and blessed us!  A big apology if we were unable to meet with you on this trip.   

If you didn't already know on April 4th, Jess and I are RETURNING to Honolulu to continue our work with YWAM for another year!  

(that's our big news... incase you were waiting for some other news, we've been travelling staying in other people's houses for the past 3 months... I'm not quite sure what you were expecting.)  ;)

Want to know more details about our upcoming time in Hawaii?  We have written a post trying to anticipate some questions you might have.

Click here for more details.  

Engage:  Do you have some news you'd like to share with us?  It can be anything we don't know.  Share it with us in the comments!  


  1. I did expect to hear something else...smh but I'm glad you guys are doing great♥

  2. Hey, thanks for the update. It's good to hear about your travels and what you are anticipating with YWAM in Hawaii.
    I'll be returning to Uganda on 14 April for a couple weeks of teaching pastors and preaching at open-air "crusades."
    Roy Miller

  3. Roy! Thanks for your continued service to the Lord! Have an awesome time in Africa!

  4. haha, everyone did. :)

  5. I made the blog! It was sooo good hanging with y'all and I'm pumped for your next year and all the epic ness it holds!

  6. My big news is I'm in Elgin, Il. We came here by way of Michigan. Babar the elephant, as I have named him, came along for the trip. We will be traveling to see Colleen and Mike on Sunday then back home to Canton.

  7. thanks for sharing your news! it was great to see you recently!

  8. Start the baby making. THAT news would be welcomed. :)

  9. -shakes head- oh justin…


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