Friday, January 18, 2013

"Stuff", Christians and Minimalism

We're in Maryland right now, and we're sorting and getting rid of, selling, donating, throwing away A LOT of our stuff.  It's been sitting in a friends basement untouched for over 2 years... which leads us to believe, it's not necessary for life.

It got me thinking about a video I saw of a guy that had limited himself to 100 things, which led me to the creator of the movement, conveniently being interviewed on Christian television.  ;)

Engage:  Watch the video and share with us; What your relationship with your stuff is like, or share with us as a Christian what you think our relationship with stuff should look like?  


  1. Super thought-provoking. When I moved I gave a lot away, thinking it wasn't worth it to hang on to. But even in the past 5 months, Ive given a couple decent sized boxes full of stuff away. Mainly clothes, but...for what I use on a daily basis, I have far more stuff than that...

  2. thanks for sharing your thoughts lisa!


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