Monday, June 4, 2012

It's Monday Get Back On The Wagon!

Skate night | Kona HI | 2008

Yay!  Thanks to a generous donor, I got my computer repaired.  2.5 weeks without it seemed a bit like an eternity but here we are… 

I'm realizing that it's a ton easier to fall off the wagon than it is to get back on.  I wonder if that's because "this wagon" is always moving.  While you're on it, you're going, and it's good, consistent, in a groove.  But when you fall off you have to run to catch back up before hauling yourself up onto this proverbial moving object.  

It's been about 3 weeks without blogging.  Starting back up is a bit awkward.  It's not as natural as it was when I was "in that groove."  It would be a lot easier to just stop blogging.  

Same thing with healthy eating.  Jess and I were doing really well for about a week and then something crazy happened and we fell off the wagon.  Thank God for Mondays.  Most people hate mondays, but I think they are a perfect time to dust yourself off and start over with all the goals that you've dropped the ball on.  

What do you need to recommit to today?

Engage:  What do you find is the best way to get back in the groove after being out of it for a while?  Let us known in the comments.  


  1. Glad to see you back (even if it's a bit difficult to get "back into the groove")!


  2. Welcome back to the wagon, keep it up :)


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